Trees & Evergreens

Blue foliage. Blight free.
Large vase shaped spreader with consistent dark green foliage. Excellent for foundation plantings and rockeries.
This relatively slow growing variety has bluish-green foliage in Summer, turning to orange and green in Fall. Requires full sun and is tolerant to drought, heat and salt. Useful as...
A very nice ground cover with a mounding growth habit. The fine foliage has a superb silver-blue colour.
Double magenta flowers with a high degree of fragrance.
Purple leaved bush grafted on a stem. Very popular. Retains colour all year round, pale pinkish-white flowers in Spring.
Foliage very fine, branches trail almost to the ground. Bright yellow flowers appear in Spring. Very hardy.
A beautiful native tree that will thrive in poorly drained and upland soils. Holds leaves well into the Winter season.
A very nice variety with large white flowers in the Spring and an upright growth habit. Orange and red Fall colour.
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