Trees & Evergreens

All apples are 3-year trees and are No. 1 quality.Harvest in October.
This sun loving plant has broad pointed leaves with tall spikes of creamy white bell-shaped flowers blooming in mid-Summer.
Foliage has a yellow centre with a green edge, forms and irregular spreading mound.
Large green foliage with a golden-yellow margin. Canadian introduction.
A round full bodied plant suitable for hedging or foundation plantings. Good Winter colour.
A slow growing globe with dense dark green foliage. Hardier than Korean Boxwood.
Fragrant flowers are dark pink with rose-red shading. Blooms late May.
Coral-pink, lightly-scented, trumpt-shaped blooms appear in spring. This slow growing, compact plant has an upright growth habit. Prune after flowering.
Broadly pyramidal with bright green foliage.
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