Trees & Evergreens

Slow growing with steel blue coloured foliage.
An outstanding strong growing spreading Juniper. The foliage is of fine texture and is soft silvery gray.
Blue foliage. Blight free.
Large vase shaped spreader with consistent dark green foliage. Excellent for foundation plantings and rockeries.
This relatively slow growing variety has bluish-green foliage in Summer, turning to orange and green in Fall. Requires full sun and is tolerant to drought, heat and salt. Useful as...
A very nice ground cover with a mounding growth habit. The fine foliage has a superb silver-blue colour.
Purple leaved bush grafted on a stem. Very popular. Retains colour all year round, pale pinkish-white flowers in Spring.
Foliage very fine, branches trail almost to the ground. Bright yellow flowers appear in Spring. Very hardy.
This native tree is well adapted to a variety of soils. It produces bright red flower clusters early in the Spring. Fall colour is rich yellow to deep red. Growth...