Trees & Evergreens

Large green foliage with a golden-yellow margin. Canadian introduction.
A very full bodied plant suitable for hedging or foundation planting. Its colour is maintained throughout the Winter season.
A slow growing globe with dense dark green foliage. Hardier than Korean Boxwood.
Fragrant flowers are dark pink with rose-red shading. Blooms late May.
Coral-pink, lightly-scented, trumpt-shaped blooms appear in spring. This slow growing, compact plant has an upright growth habit. Prune after flowering.
Broadly pyramidal with bright green foliage.
A dwarf evergreen of narrow conical form with fine grass-green foliage. Very hardy. Give Winter protection to avoid Winter burn.
Slow growing with steel blue coloured foliage.
An outstanding strong growing spreading Juniper. The foliage is of fine texture and is soft silvery gray.
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