Expert Landscape Design Recommendations

Not sure where to start?

Do you need a low maintenance garden for your cottage, or do you want to create a new garden for your home or corporate office? Rockwood Forest Nurseries has partnered with a select group of residential and commercial landscapers and design architects who can provide you with a solution and magical garden ideas. Contact us via email to get started with a landscape garden design.

Tree & Plant Whisperer

Do you have questions about your garden? Do you need help or is your tree, evergreen, shrubs, perennial, and annuals not performing well?

Email our Tree & Plant Whisperer and we will provide you with a response from our network of professionals.

Bag filling services

Rockwood Forest Nurseries offers a new service where our team can come to your farm or landscaping business and perform bag filling services, contact Rockwood Forest Nurseries.

Soil Analysis

The type of soil your cottage, home or corporate project has can significantly impact the growth of your garden. Rockwood Forest Nurseries has partnered with the University of Guelph to have your soils tested to determine, prior to purchasing your trees or plants, key characteristics of your soil so we can ensure your garden is set up for success!

Rockwood Forest Nurseries has a variety of environmentally friendly transplanter and fertilizers which will ensure your garden is a success!

Contact via email if you wish to have your soil tested

What is your Hardiness Zone?

For your garden to achieve maximum success, it is important to know the hardiness of your area and to select plants which will perform well. Click Landscape Ontario to know your hardiness zone.

Best Practices on Tree Planting

If you would like to know best practices on how to plant your tree, click this link from Landscape Ontario to learn more.

Why should you and your family plant a tree?

  • Trees produce oxygen
  • Trees release water
  • Trees absorb water
  • Trees absorb carbon dioxide
  • Trees encourage wildlife
  • Trees provide shade
  • Trees help the environment
  • Trees make us feel better
  • Trees create a lasting memory of a family arrival or passing

Why should you support Local Garden Centers?

  • Local Garden Centers understand local climate conditions (weather, soil) and have local expertise
  • Majority of Garden Centers are growers
  • Local Garden Centers focus on gardening vs large box stores that discount plant material in the hope you purchase other products
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