Small shrub with extra fine small foliage, excellent for a hedge or foundation planting. Spring brings a showy display of blooms that last to late fall. Compact and dense plants...
This sun loving plant has broad pointed leaves with tall spikes of creamy white bell-shaped flowers blooming in mid-Summer.
500 gr Fertilizer for vegetables and plants Considered "low cost" insurance for your garden.  Apply in the Spring Available for delivery or pick up  in Kawartha Lakes Area Lindsay, Ontario...
A good hedging plant with dense growth and small greenish white flowers.
All apples are 3-year trees and are No. 1 quality.Harvest in October.
Very hardy, rapid growing. Foliage is dark green turning pale yellow in Fall. Fragrant pale yellow flowers. Prefers deep, moist soils.
Smooth gray bark and glossy bluish-green foliage are characteristic to this native plant. Warning: leaves and seeds are poisonous if ingested.
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