Trees & Evergreens

The young growth on this variety has a yellow-orange colour that matures to green. Is a slow growing, upright, pyramidal selection.
Recognized as the leading variety.  Large rich flavour, superb quality, heavy and dependable cropper for eating and canning.Harvest in mid September.
This medium sized evergreen shrub, which is very similar in appearance to a Rhododendron, has deep purplish-cinnamon buds that open to creamy blossoms with a broad purple band around the...
A very full bodied plant suitable for hedging or foundation planting. Its colour is maintained throughout the Winter season.
Dark green foliage throughout the year.
Very showy in summer and winter. This tree thrives best in full sun. Growth rate is medium.
This is a bright green, dense Cedar originating in Sweden between 4 to 5 feet
A good quality late market pear. Skin is light green or cream. Stores well for several months.Harvest in mid October.
Bright red with golden yellow stripes. Excellent quality. Firm, juicy and sweet flesh. Very long storage life.Harvest mid-September.
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