Ontario Native

Resembling long, feathery Ostrich plumes, Matteuccia struthiopteris (Ostrich Fern) is an elegant, upright to arching, deciduous fern with showy
 Purple coneflower, or Echinacea purpurea, is by far the most popular variety of coneflower. It has a fibrous root system
Excellent for wildlife. Fragrant yellow-white flowers and large clusters of black edible berries.
A naturalizing plant which makes a nice screen. Fruit is crimson and foliage is bright red and orange in Fall.
Deciduous Ilex noted for its profusion of bright Winter persistent fruit and foliage colour in the Fall. Does well in light to medium moist soil.
A dwarf mound-shaped shrub with yellow flowers and bronze-green foliage. This plant will do well in sandy or dry soil, and is excellent for mass plantings or slopes.
Red bark, white flowers in June and berries in Autumn. Valuable for a contrasting colour in Winter. Flowers are creamy white in loose clusters in late May. Grows well in...
Goldsturm Coneflower has masses of beautiful gold daisy flowers with dark brown eyes at the ends of the stems from mid summer to early fall
Produces white flowers and deep red to black bitter fruit. Berries are ideal for cordials and are also taken by the birds. Red to purple Fall colour.
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