Ontario Native

Glossy green foliage turns to bronze-red in the Fall. Drooping and horizontal branches with sharp textured leaves. Long term health is not usually affected by pests. Easily transplanted and prefers...
Large multiple compound leaves, interesting during Winter with its open branching habit and stubby twigs.
Medium sized ornamental tree with green foliage turning yellowish in the Fall. Pale green to reddish bladder like fruit in Summer. This slow growing tree is relatively free from insects...
This native pine of eastern Canada is a rapid grower that will grow well even in light soil. Soft green needles form an open conical shape. Makes an excellent screen...
This is a bright green, bare root Cedar originating in Canada Easy to transport and plant.   Available for delivery or pick up in the Kawartha Lakes Area.  
A very hardy native Oak with corky twigs. This tree thrives in a wide range of soils. Dark green leaves in the summer and acorns in the fall.
A pyramidal Fir that is more shade tolerant than any other Fir tree. Very dark green foliage. Probably one of the fastest growing Fir trees.
A compact shrub with glossy dark green leaves, showy pinkish-white flowers, glossy black berries
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