Shrubs & Perennials

A compact form with more delicately textured foliage than other species. Dark red Winter twigs. Useful for smaller planting areas.
This plant has soft yellow leaves and bright red stems. Flat white flowers in May - June. Very showy and excellent for borders or foundations where a contrast is required....
Very aromatic pink flowers that bloom in late Summer. Foliage turns from dark green to pale yellow in the Fall.
Specimen shrub with deep reddish-pink, fragrant flowers.
Large fragrant white flowers that bloom in late Summer for up to 4-6 weeks. Foliage turns from deep green to pale yellow or golden brown in Fall. Tolerates heavy shade...
Brilliant orange-red flowers early in May before leaves appear. An attractive plant for Spring gardens.
Crimson coloured flowers which are large and dark. Growth is upright.
Dense bushy growth and glossy green foliage. Brightly coloured clusters of orange-red, fragrant fruit. Grows well in all types of soil.
Creamy white flowers the size of golf balls appear on new growth in late Spring. A loose rounded shrub that is tolerant of wet areas.
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