Shrubs & Perennials

Brilliant red, trumpet shaped flowers. May need additional support to hold in place.
These most popular Lilacs produce magnificent fragrant trusses of bloom. Very hardy. Such as: Adelaide Dunbar, Beauty of Moscow, Belle de Nancy, Charles Joly, Katherine Havemeyer, Madame Lemoine, Michael Buchner,...
Hardy hybrids, easy to grow, flowering two weeks after common Lilacs:, Red Wine, Royalty, Minuet, Donald Wyman, Miss Canada, James McFarlane.
Pleasant spicy fragrance. The 'Tinkerbelle' is a cross between the syringa meyeri 'Palibin' and syringa microphylla 'Superba'. Wine-red buds open to single pink blooms. Suitable for foundations.
Graceful, pendulous branches are a mass of white flowers in June. Popular shrub used in borders, foundation plantings, hedges and as specimens.
An outstanding Mockorange that is one of the best. Flowers are double white and fragrant. A medium sized shrub with an arching vase-shape.
A native plant tolerating moist soils. Pure white scented flowers bloom early Summer. Great for banks and mass plantings. Orange to brilliant red Fall colours. A must have plant.
Blooms on old and new wood. Blooms are pink or blue depending on soil acidity. Flowers are produced all summer. Deadhead to encourage new blooms. Excellent shrub which has performed very...
Compact Profusion of big raspberry-red blooms Flowers on old and new wood Medium-green leaves turn a bronze colour in the fall Great for container gardening or smaller spaces in the...
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