Large, solid, globular heads flower freely from mid-Summer until frost. Flowers are produced on new wood. Beautiful shrub has performed very well on our 300 acre farm in Kawartha Lakes (near...
Its stunning, sizable (16–18 cm) double blooms are bright crimson with a hint of blue and have notched petal tips
The brilliant Fall fire-red foliage appears earlier than on the other Burning Bushes. Attractive orange-red berries makes this variety useful as a screen, specimen, accent plant or hedge.
A sturdy and compact hosta, 'Halcyon' has blue, heart-shaped leaves with heavy ribbing and towers of lavender flowers. 
One of the first hostas to come up in the spring. Medium green leaves with wavy, white margins and gray-green streaks 
This popular Lilac blooms with pale lavender, fragrant flowers in June. Makes a fine hedge or screen.
Vigorous climbing rose. Large, fragrant apricot-orange double flowers grow in large clusters. Blooming begins in late-spring
Brilliant red, trumpet shaped flowers. May need additional support to hold in place.
A fine textured dwarf fountain grass suitable for smaller areas; bright green foliage changes to a golden tan in fall
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