This multi-stem shrub will be covered with beautiful berries that change from a pinkish-orange in Fall to a golden-yellow for Winter.
Has small yellow flowers in late September. Foliage changes to orange-yellow in the fall.
A native plant with flat creamy-white flowers, and noteworthy fruit changing in colour throughout the season. Useful in the landscape for mass plantings or naturalizing. Does well in moist soils....
Bright yellow ruffled flowers and gray lobed hairy leaves contrast with its young twigs of red. Blooms from May until hard frost. Very low growing, spreading shrub.
The young growth on this variety has a yellow-orange colour that matures to green. Is a slow growing, upright, pyramidal selection.
A dense shrub with bright yellow twigs and green foliage. Fruit is white.
A small, weeping birch with a dome shaped head and dark green leaves. Very hardy. Prefers well drained, moist, sandy or loamy soils and will benefit from supplemental watering during...
Gray-green foliage that turns purplish in the Winter is found on this cultivar of the Andorra.
A low growing, very cold hardy spreader.
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