Smooth gray bark and glossy bluish-green foliage are characteristic to this native plant. Warning: leaves and seeds are poisonous if ingested.
Orange-red berries, and rounded, dark green leaves.
Large native shrub with light green leaves. Good for moist soils. Black berries are enjoyed by birds.
Strongly arched limbs have numerous, often pendulous branchlets. Ash-gray bark has deep ridges. Easy to transplant.
A remarkable shrub with vivid pink berries in late Summer and Autumn. Best colour effect when done in mass plantings. Can be easily sheared to maintain as a smaller plant.
The perfect ornamental tree for smaller home landscapes with incredible fall colors ranging from orange to scarlet and burgundy red,
A graceful tree with an overall, irregular head. This extremely hardy tree has spreading, slender branches with medium green foliage that turns scarlet in the Fall. This maple has a...
Dense, deciduous shrub with glossy, dark olive-green foliage and creamy white flowers. Very hardy and easy to grow. Great for hedging.
Fast-growing variety with medium green foliage.
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